Research Center in Artificial Intelligence

Our center

The Research Center on Artificial Intelligence (CRIA) of UQAM is a research unit of the Faculty of Science. Among its members, it counts 30+ researchers and 50+ graduate students.
The AI within CRIA is rooted in shared integrated vision of the field that combines both model-centric approaches (symbolic and cognitive) with data-centric approaches, including machine learning (deep or "shallow"), in order to to increase their joint impact and reach in a variety of areas. It is not intended to reduce AI to merely cognitively explainable models but rather to build a research framework where cognitive science and AI, both symbolic and numeric, work side by side to advance plausible theories of human cognition and develop cognitively effective AI models.

Our mission

The objectives of the CRIA are to federate and promote a scientific contribution force of the Faculty of Science to the advancement and transfer of knowledge in AI, and to promote its mobilization at the service of the scientific community both at UQAM and elsewhere, by supporting and stimulating collaborations among its members. One of the structuring effects of the center is to improve existing collaborations and research partnerships, and to encourage the creation of new ones. Its benefits will be felt at four levels:

  • Intra-faculty: with new collaborations around projects and structuring issues, as well as collaborations between researchers from the center and researchers from the departments of the faculty working on projects involving AI methods, techniques and technologies.
  • Inter-faculty: through increased collaboration with colleagues in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Inter-university: through the strengthening of (and the development of new) inter-university research team projects involving members of our center.
  • Industrial: through the development of new research projects in partnership with industry.

Our team

Our team of researchers, graduate students and assistants.


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